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Best Poker Affiliates has been created to help you in finding the best poker affiliate programs out there. We try to by as honest when promoting different poker affiliate programs as possible. And we recommend you do the same.

Our Goals

Our goal is to stand out as a poker affiliate site where you don't have to worry about dishonest information. We try to offer you facts together with explanation what these facts mean. Our goal is to be as open about everything as possible.

Our mission

We want to offer you access and introduce you to different poker affiliate programs.

Our values

We value honesty and being upfront about everything.

Out team

Best Poker Affiliates team is comprised on people who play poker themselves. One thing is writing about something without knowing a thing about the topic, but the other is actually being on poker the scene and understanding the topics.

Jay Gory

Jay has been playing in online casinos as well as online poker rooms for nearly two decades and has a thing or two to share. He likes his beer a lot, but not only. He also likes to discover new online casinos every once in a while, discover great games you could actually enjoy playing.

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If you want to get in touch with us, write Jay an email to jay.gory@cheerscasinos.com

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Best Poker Affiliates offers you only honest information about poker affiliate programs and lists of best poker affiliate sites which we can recommend ourselves.

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We write about poker and gambling in general. If you play yourself, play responsibly. When you invite others to play, tell them the same.