Last Line of Defence (LLOD) service for casinos

Best Poker Affiliates is offering casinos LLOD service. What's it all about? We have visited so many casino pages that it's difficult to count. And during our visits we have seen a number of errors in almost each and every online casino out there. Be it front page banners that point to great offers that expired a month ago. Be it bonus terms that mention multiple different wagering requirements in one paragraph or be it translation errors that make native speakers want to pull out their hair. Some casinos have had the same issues for years and it seems they either haven't noticed it or they simply don't care.

If you want your casino to be better than that, hire us to keep an eye on your site. We know you have your own people for everything, but based on experience we can say with certainty that you could definitely use a last line of defence as well. And as you don't our help much, we don't charge a lot either. But when you do need our help and you haven't hired us yet, it's already a moment too late.

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