Affiliate earnings

Affiliate earnings
Question from a poker affiliate: Should I go for CPA or revenue share?
By Siim Einfeldt

I recently talked to a friend of mine who was just becoming a poker affiliate and he wanted to know which revenue option would be better for him - poker CPA or poker revenue share. After thinking about it for a bit, my answer was that it really depends. My personal choice is definitely revenue share (for reasons outlined below), but there are times when you should or need to go with CPA.

CPA is often a one-time payment (sometimes might be split into couple of different payments based on the player's play-through) to you for bring a player to the poker network. And if you need cash fast, then CPA is your option. Also, if it seems that the amount the company is paying for CPA would take years to get together with revenue share, it might also be a good idea to choose the networks CPA offer. But in any other cases, CPA doesn't sound too good to me. Ah yes, there is one more time when you should go with CPA - when revenue share is not available to you. In some cases poker net...


Affiliate earnings
How do poker affiliate sites earn?
By Siim Einfeldt

If you're new to this game and don't know much about being a poker affiliate, then keep on reading.

As mentioned in some of our other articles, you have two main options when joining a poker affiliate program - either a one-time flat commission or a % of the rake a player that you have referred has paid the poker room. The one-time fee can be (based on my experience so far) up to $200 per player. The percentage can go as high up as 40 or 50% of the rake produced by the players.

What about bonuses?
True, often poker sites offer bonuses to their players and also you in order to help you promote their site to the players better. Do the bonuses get deducted from your earnings? It depends on the affiliate, but in most cases poker affiliates, such as you, don't have to pay any fees, neither worry about the bonuses as they are not deducted from your earnings.

As far as risks go, long as you can get peop...


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